Pfsense as Gateway and share Internet

  • Hello, I have a server running ESXi, and I have 3 virtual machines

    1. Pfsense
    2. windows
    3 Linux

    with the Pfsense I have internet and all is ok, but for my windows and linux servers i want to use the Pfsense as Gateway and share internet  from the pfsense, I have ping from the Windows and Linux servers to the Pfsense IP, BUT when I set a STATIC Ip in the windows machine and using the IP of the PFSENSE as the GATEWAY and DNS server I dont have internet in the windows machine, do I have to enable something in the Pfsense? Thanks.

  • You probably have a configuration issue but we have no idea what you have done.  You have two different vSwitches, one for WAN and one for LAN, with the Internet cable going into the WAN NIC and your LAN switch going into the LAN port?  Maybe you have configured your clients incorrectly since you said you configured static IP on the clients.  Perhaps in pfSense config you specified a gateway for the LAN NIC which will break connectivity.  It's hard to say without a LOT more info from you, like your pfSense WAN/LAN settings as well as your client network settings.

  • 'A picture is worth a thousand words', as the old saying goes. So screenshots would be very helpful too.

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