OS X and Screen Sharing through Message App Failure

  • I'm looking for some help with Pfsense blocking the Screen Sharing app when launched through the Message app in OS X Yosemite.  It seems that the Message app initiates the communication between the two systems over WAN with varying ports after launching the Screen Sharing app built into OS X.  While the protocol is a variation of VNC it does not use standard ports so port forwarding does not function and it does not seem to be using the proper NAT-PMP Port Mapping protocol.

    Pfsense blocks the UDP communication between remote address and firwall through @5(1000000103) block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4".  I'm stumped at how to port forward a varying port like this and my understanding of the complex elements of firewall rules is limited.  Even if I can enable a rule temporarily that gives me access would be greatly appreciated.