Configure send snmp to cacti

  • hello
    i search in internet for configure pfsense to send snmp to cacti
    i dont know how to cofig /services/snmp and config it to send it to cacti ?
    plz help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you don't normally send snmp, sure you could send traps.  But normally snmp is polled or pulled..

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

  • Hello,

    in case of pfSense You can enable SNMP and monitor interface statistics as usual.
    But if You can use Zabbix for example, You can monitor following:

    • CPU usage (jumps, load, utilization)
    • disk space (for each filesystem)
    • network interface statistics (for each NIC configured)
    • swap space
    • memory usage

    This is based on running config :)

  • tank you for replaying

    how to configure  pfsense and zabbix to get values from pfsense
    pfsense in snmp tab need Read Community String but its not defined in pfsense
    who to configure pfsense and zabbix

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