LAN to LAN getting blocked pfsense 2.2.4

  • so i upgraded from 2.1.5 yesterday to 2.2.4 and had to re-create a bunch of fules.
    Today I see some strange behavior. I can't ssh to some of my servers on the same LAN.
    People are getting kicked out from quickbooks which connects to a file share

    i do have

    IPv4 TCP LAN net * * * * none Easy Rule

    in my lan tab but in the log i still see

    block/1000000103 Sep 25 15:31:35 LAN 10.18.66.x:135 10.18.66.x:50103 TCP:SA

    which is my file server

    i thought i have this covered by my LAN rule.


  • Systems on the same network talk directly to each other without pfSense being involved at all.  As a router, pfSense facilitates connections between different networks.  Local traffic stays local.  I'm not sure why you would have to recreate rules after an upgrade.  Surely you could just restore from your config.xml backup?  At any rate, the firewall rules are a red herring.  Blocks you see on LAN are out of state packets:"blocked"_for_traffic_from_a_legitimate_connection

  • That's a clear indication there's something wrong with the network config of the host that's the source of that traffic (10.18.66.x:135), as it shouldn't be sending traffic destined to the same subnet back to the firewall (the original SYN isn't hitting it, so the SYN ACK in reply is blocked).

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