• hi

    I am tryng to use the image  pfSense-Full-Update-1.2-RELEASE-20080423-2126.tgz

    I have 4 interfaces, of which 2 are LAN and 2 are WAN

    whatever wizard I try, I get this error

    You have less interfaces than number of connections!

    I have tried giving it 4 interfaces, 2 connections,
    2 interfaces, 2 connections,
    2 interfaces, 4 connections

    am I doing something wrong or is the wizard out of whack?

  • When i tried i could get paste that, but got errors in the end of multi wan/lan config.

    Connection is WAN nic's, do you get the error right after that?

  • I could not get any of the wizards to work. I even downloaded the iso and installed that. same problems.

    which version are you using?

  • The same

    built on Wed Apr 23 21:26:47 EDT 2008

  • Can you please post the errors you are getting, so if any i will fix them.

    I have some more fixes in the line so if you give me the messages you are getting i will check them too.

    One other way i can recommend you doing this for now is:
    Just choose 2 connection(it means internet connections) and 1 local interface
    After the wizard go to the "By queue view" click the lan in the left
    than click the buttons "clone/copy queue" button for each of the local interfaces

    and you should have a setup running.

  • than click the buttons "clone/copy queue" button for each of the local interfaces

    I can only copy to one of my lan nic's don't know if vlan's mess it up.

    Ermal If you want to, i can open my firewall for you. just PM your IP.

  • Hmmm Perry i have found the issue.
    It is just that the By interface queue builds the list of interfaces to show differently from the shaper code and  uses a function of pfSense itself which seems to not show the vlan interfaces.
    I will get to you and all the other with a fix soon.


  • when using traffic_shaper_wizard_multi_all.xml
    I get these errors:

    …cannot determine interface bandwidth for fxp1, specify an absolute bandwidthaltq not defined on fxp1 altq not defined on fxp1 /tmp/rules.debug:24: errors in queue definition altq not defined on fxp1 /tmp/rules.debug:25: errors in queue definition altq...

    the fix is to select each interface (in the "  By Interface  " tab) and specify the bandwidth.

  • Questions!

    [1] in the Floating Rules there is a Penalty Box rule, but it is at the top. the voip , p2p rules are below it.
    The rule is:
    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description

              • qOthersLow   Penalty Box

    I specified a single ip address (from my LAN) for this in the Wizard, but the ip address does not appear in the rule. should I put the ip address in the source or in the destination?

    [2] how does this shaper interact with the load balancer?

  • [1] the rules produced by the wizard are latest match ones. Meaning the latest match takes the action.
    For the ip i will take a look at all the things i am fixing in the wizards!

    [2] It is all transparent it means that if you have load balancing active the rules will convert to conform to it automatically when they reload.