New PFSense project in the works. Looking for advice

  • Hello,
    I am planning my next project that I have scoped out for early next year and I'm looking for any advice to help make this project successfull. My worry is running into gotcha's. My project is to build a pfsense VM within hyper-v core 2012. "Free"

    Perfect world scenario is that I can run pfsense as a vm with minimal performance hits and with remaining idle resources I build out DMZ related servers, all on the same hardware. One example would be running a Citrix Netscaler which I am always testing new builds. Having this run on the same hardware makes things convenient and a power saver as I wouldn't need to power up additional hardware.

    Hardware wise I am looking at semi server grade mobo asrock rack c2750di, 16gb ram with a dual or more pci Intel nic.

    My configuration would be using two of the nic preferably the pci Intel to be dedicated to the pfsense vm. The other nics be teamed if only the two on board remains for hyper-v management and other vm traffic.

    Performance wise I have a 110mb down10mb up connection. I would be utilizing vlans, vpn, maybe anti-virus.

    Does this sound reasonable and achievable? Any gotchas or other items I should consider before continuing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • I am far more familiar with ESX over HyperV, but I think you might find that ESX has some advantages over HyperV

    • Lighter weight. More of your server's RAM and CPU cycles will be available for your virtuals.

    • Easier networking. ESX's virtual switches are easier to configure to accommodate the scenario you describe.

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