Firewall rule for Squid

  • Hello Everyone!

    I am new in pfSense. First, i would like to sorry for dummy question.

    I am already installed pfSense. At our company has two type users : 1) NAT users  (They are connected to Internet from NAT without any restriction) , 2) Squid users (We must restrict Internet access). NAT Users and Squid Users are same subnet IP-s. Now, NAT users can connect to Internet works fine. Squid users also can connect to internet, but as NAT users (all access). I am already installed Squid3 and Squid Guard. Configured as proxy. What should be change for restrict internet? Default access is denied. But my clients can connect to internet as well.

    ![screenshot- 2015-10-03 16-57-06.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/screenshot- 2015-10-03 16-57-06.png)
    ![screenshot- 2015-10-03 16-57-06.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/screenshot- 2015-10-03 16-57-06.png_thumb)

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