Console menu doesn't come up

  • I've been playing with some alphas since early Oct.  I did an upgrade from my home system.  I've had various issues with packages, especially, but it was manageable.

    Currently, I can't get to the console menu, system seems to hang on Starting squidGuard.  I can hit Ctrl C and get to a prompt.

    So I guess what I'd like to be able to do is from the command prompt either know how to disable squidGuard (and other pkgs) or be able to invoke the auto upgrade?  Or is there something else that is suggested?


  • Assuming you have a command prompt, I would try typing /etc/rc.initial to see if that brings up the menu, then choose option 13 to upgrade.

    If that fails, I would try /bin/sh /usr/local/sbin/pfSense-upgrade which is what menu option 13 (upgrade) does.

    If that fails, prevent all packages from automatically starting. One way to do this is to use ee /etc/rc.start_packages to put a line:
    after the line:
    then press [ESC] A A to save the file. Reboot using shutdown -r now

    If none of these allow you to recover the situation, I would wipe the system and install the latest snapshot.

  • Hi David, your tips were exactly what I was looking for.

    rc.initial got my menu back, but when I tried the upgrade, it appears to have failed.  Now when I try and upgrade I get a msg to the effect:

    Error comparing local and remote kernel versions (something like that).

    I also edited the rc.start_packages to prevent the pkgs from running…

    Any other ideas to salvage this install?


  • gitsync master, then try option 13 again to upgrade.

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