Help TippingPoint S10

  • I have 2 of these lying around and I would like to convert them into pfsense firewalls. Who can get me in the right direction with that?

  • search is your friend:

    this post includes a patched bios. can try at own risk if needed.

  • For the empty miniPCI slot the Soekris vpn1411 from the netgate store might be your friend!

  • @heper:

    search is your friend:

    this post includes a patched bios. can try at own risk if needed.

    I read over this earlier. My problem is how to you get access to install the bios rom? The pic from that forum looks as if pfsense is already on the device? How did they manage to do that? dd pfsense image to the flash disk that is in the unit?

  • yes they probably put in an sdcard with pfsense on it

  • I managed to get it working. I had to modify the bin file downloaded and make the two segments non bypass. For some reason flashing the bios with the provided file in earlier converstations did nothing. I am providing the file I modified and worked for me. Download and remove the .png extension.
    Here are the steps I had to perform to get everything working
    1. Buy a larger CF card. I bought an 8GB off of amazon
    2. Buy a cheap CF card reader
    3. dd nanobsd image to larger CF card. The 1GB doesn't cut it for installing flashrom.
    sudo dd if=pfSense-2.2.4-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd-20150725-1956.img of=/dev/sdg bs=16k

    4. Boot with flash card in TP S10
    5. enable ssh on pfsense (option 14)
    7. setup the management interface em4 as the wan port using pfsense menu (option 1) and make it dhcp
    8.  install flashrom with "pkg install flashrom"
    9. scp provided bin file up to pfsense root dir
    10. /usr/local/bin/flashrom -p internal -r tps10mod.bin
    Should see this below:
    [2.1.5-RELEASE][root@pfSense.localdomain]/root(8): flashrom -p internal -r tps10mod.bin
    flashrom v0.9.7-r1711 on FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p16 (i386)
    flashrom is free software, get the source code at

    Calibrating delay loop… OK.
    Found chipset "Intel ICH6-M". Enabling flash write... OK.
    Found SST flash chip "SST49LF008A" (1024 kB, FWH) at physical address 0xfff00000.
    Reading flash... done.

    11. /usr/local/bin/flashrom -p internal -w tps10mod.bin
    This will flash the bios and it should read successful when finished.

    12. poweroff the unit with the poweroff command and remove cable
    13. Pull cmos battery and move the jumper right near the battery so that it is connecting the pin closest to the battery and the middle pin. Wait a few mins and place jumper back in the original position
    14. place the battery back in its spot
    15. Power the unit back on and place an ethernet cable int one of the segment pairs. You should now have link lights.


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