Locked myself out, any way to reconnect?

  • Hello!

    Today I was busy trying to fix an internet problem, so I accidentally locked myself out of my server by trying to bridge a WAN and a LAN gateway.
    I can no longer ping the ip address of any of the virtual machines on the same server, so does anyone have any suggestions how I might be able to get back into the GUI? Maybe by connecting by cable?

    Any suggestion is appreciated!

  • Go to the console and restore previous config.

  • How can I still go to the console?
    I have to access it through vmware, but don't know how to reach it now.

  • So host console has no provision for presenting VM consoles?  Even Oracle VirtualBox does that.  No network required.

  • Managed to get at the console, finally.
    Spurred on by your thoughts, I decided to go all out, so I got my server off the wall (to make room for the vga cable), got a spare monitor and stuff. Managed to revert to a previous configuration.


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