Traffic shaping between LAN and WLAN (with benefits for LAN users)?

  • Hi everybody!

    I'm new to pfsense and have configured it to work with Captive Portal and squid proxy + filter. The configured interfaces are WAN, LAN and WLAN.
    Let's say I have 10 MBit of bandwidth. What I want to do is share it in the following way:

    • when there are only WLAN users they should have 100% of the bandwidth and every one the same piece of the cake (10 users with 1 MBit each)
    • when there are LAN users also they should have 50% of the bandwidth, indipendent of the number of the LAN users (p.e. 5 LAN users and 10 WLAN users: each of the LAN users should have 1 MBit (=50% of bandwidth/5), and each of the WLAN users should have 0,5 MBit (=50% of bandwidth/10).
      How can I realize that?

    Thank you very very much!!!

  • Sorry for pushing, spent the last days to look for a solution but didn't find anything  :(

  • Hi Nullity,

    tried to understand what people talked about in these topics, but I couldn't find the information for how to solve MY problem (one topic is very long and confusing, and my bad english doesn't help in that case  ::)).
    So I hope someone could explain the solution to me in this topic.

    Thank again!

  • You can't do that, at least not on inbound traffic if you have more than 1 internal interface.

    For outbound, you can use PRIQ or CBQ and allow the weight ratio to distribute accordingly.

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