Backup Squid?

  • I had search here at the forum but didn't see any results.

    I have a squid setup with a lot of settings, what files I need to backup if I move my installation or reinstall my pfsense box same version?

    Any info will be appreciated, thanks.

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    All settings are kept in config.xml, no need to back up anything else than your pfSense configuration.

  • Thanks for the info, details.

    I have my setup ready, them I wanted to move to other machine, how can I move my squid configuration to the other machine?

    I know where is squid config files(squid.conf) but pfsense manage the settings different, I cannot just pick that file.

    Can u please give details?


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    Eh? I already answered tjat question. Backup and restore pfSense configuration.

  • Can u please give details?

    Diagnostics - Backup/Restore.  Set Backup area to All.  Click the Download configuration button.

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