Captive Portal to Delete MAC after voucher Expire

  • dear all,

    i come ups with probelm that i am running captive portal with almost 100 mobile devices due to some reasons we have to restart the server once a day.(not good practice i know) after every restart user have to re enter the voucher number to connect. if i enable pass through mac option than mac of each user enter and than after restart he/she dont have to enter the voucher.

    each voucher is for one month, after voucher expire he/she is still able to connect as his mac already stored.

    my probelm is to remove that mac too as voucher expire.

    please help…



  • I know what you mean….

    You want voucher users to be added ass passthrough macs... and also want them removed after they expire automatically...

    I have that set up...

    Thanks to Member Derelict

    ![voucher set up.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/voucher set up.PNG)
    ![voucher set up.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/voucher set up.PNG_thumb)

  • should i look at attachment ????

  • For some reason, it should work as you expect it if both "auto MAC-passthrough" checkboxes are checked. Sadly, this is still documented nowhere…

  • i check this now it is working thanks all

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