[SOLVED] Squidguard not blocking

  • We're running squid3 and squidguard (0.4.2 and 1.9.16 resp.) and since the 2.2.5 update SG isn't blocking traffic as we expect.

    We use shallalist for "RBL blocking" and ordinarily block porn, spyware, warez 24/7, with movies, games and a few other sites during business hours. In 2.2.4 it was working fine, but since 2.2.5 (when SG went to 1.9.16) nothing is being blocked. Tried restarting squid/sg services, but no difference.

    lagado dot com says we're proxying, and lightsquid shows stuff being proxied.

    Just me?

  • Restart appears to have fixed things.

  • That seems ot be the case when you upgrade squid/squidguard.  You have to either reboot or restart the squid service.