Zerotier One as a package - $100USD

  • I'll chip in another $100 !!

  • Count me in for 50$ USD

  • Anyone else?  Looks like we're up to $300 so far.  Can the OP update the post title so the correct amount shows up on the list view?

  • I've created a package for pfSense that implements an interface to ZeroTier.

    Currently it has the following functionality:

    • Join ZeroTier networks from GUI
    • Leave ZeroTier networks from GUI
    • View ZeroTier network status from GUI
    • Enable Controller function on underlying ZeroTier package

    I've attached a demo video of this functionality here:

    This meets everyones requirements with the exception of "creating networks", ie. the controller interface.  The controller interface is a complex piece and will require much more work.

    Is everyone still on board with their bounty's?  Anybody else wanting to contribute?

  • thanks zev for doing this -  I am definitely still in for the bounty, can't speak for the others.  I haven't had a chance to watch the video just yet but I am going to check it out this weekend.  I don't know how the payment works when it's split like this, do we just send $ via paypal individually, or put it into a escrow account or something?

  • Guys?

  • Very nice work so far man  :)
    I'm still in.

    Just let me know how/where etc. as I haven't payed a bounty before.

  • Hi, found my way here from googletron.

    I'll gladly pitch in $20 USD. Sorry I can't afford more.

  • Ok, I've completed the package, it functions well.

    Here is a demo video:

    Here is how I see this happening.  I will distribute the package to you manually once I have received your bounty payment.  I would like to see the bounty total hit $400.  This will allow me to update it once the upstream zerotier package is updated by the port maintainer as the API changes a bit in the newer versions.  Once all bounty payments have been received, I will work to have this package accepted into the repo for proper distribution.

    Arffeh - $30
    brandur - $50
    luckman212 - $100
    sschueller - $50
    pikkaachu - $100
    Total - $330

    If you can use, no fees are charged on either side:$zevlag
    If you need to use paypal, if you choose friends and family there are no fees, otherwise, it's 3% fee.

    Include your email address as a note, and I'll get you the packages ASAP.

    Please report any bugs/issues you have with this.

  • Will do when I get home later today…

    Question on this-  I thought that the way it worked was the bounty was to fund the package but then it would get released "for all to enjoy" - I didn't realize it was going to be something sent out-of-band.  Is that always the way it works?  For a few reasons, not the least of which is to have it more easily installable via the normal package manager system.

  • Sent $30. Im sorry i cant afford more. :(

  • @luckman212:

    Question on this-  I thought that the way it worked was the bounty was to fund the package but then it would get released "for all to enjoy" - I didn't realize it was going to be something sent out-of-band.  Is that always the way it works?  For a few reasons, not the least of which is to have it more easily installable via the normal package manager system.


    I fully intend for it to be released for all to enjoy.  I'm just using the staged release as a means of escrow to encourage those who have committed bounty funds to send them.  I don't know what usually happens with this.

  • Ok got it.  Sounds fair - just sent my $100  :)

  • I'm having issues with the(a) transfer.
    I sent you a PM.

  • Issue resolved and 50 USD coming your way ;)

  • Cool looks like things are moving along.  Zev have you received all funds yet?

    Have you guys installed the pkg yet? I haven't had the time just yet.  How's it working for you?

  • I've not heard from sschueller - $50 or pikkaachu - $100 yet.

    Thank you everyone else for being prompt.

  • I'm out of the country until next week and I don't want to test anything while no being there.

    Hopefully someone else can test before I come back  :D
    Ether way, I will test when I'm back on Wednesday.

  • my $100 is sent.

    Sorry for late reply, got a new job and relocated countries, forgot about the bounty I posted here. Great to see it finally coming to life.

  • Has anyone else contributed yet zevlag? :(

  • zev-  I finally have some time to play with this-  about to download now.  Just making sure the links you sent are still good, is there any update etc since the original mail you sent?

  • They are still good.  No updates yet.

    I plan to try and git this merged onto github this week, and then the process and of a package being published begins.

  • ok awesome!  so for now just scp the files to my router and install manually right?

  • That's right, if you have questions or need help, you can google talk/chat with me at

  • zev-  I have emailed you a few times over the past few days, but I haven't heard back.  Are you getting my emails? Still having trouble getting the package to install on my 2.3.2_1 system.

  • Anyone heard from Josh (zevlag)?  Been trying to reach him for a couple of weeks now, no reply.  Hope he's ok.  Still need help w/ this package that I paid for.

  • Luckman, sorry, I didn't mean to go Missing-In-Action,

    I'm not ignoring you, I've been on vacation at DisneyWorld in Florida for two weeks, running around with my 4 little kids.  I will get to this as soon as I can.


  • Ah ok- sounds like fun!!  8)  No worries glad you haven't disappeared.  Take your time and just get back to me when you can.

  • Hi  Josh,

    Excellent - this package is just what I was looking for.

    Are you planning to post it on github soon, or should I cross your palm with silver to get 'early access'?

    • Paul

    p.s. Hope you had fun at DisneyWorld, we're regular visitors to Disneyland :)

  • I've reached out to all you with a minor update, fixing some bugs.

    I have an updated zerotier package and pfSense-zerotier package coming in a few weeks as FreeBSD just updated their zerotier package to the newest version.  It should be a clean simple process.

  • Thx zev – I've got a couple minor bugs to ask about ... best to post them publicly here or privately via email?

  • Post them on GitHub for me would you?

  • ok cool, will do

  • (…crosspost from GitHub…)

    Just noting here in case anyone missed it that ZeroTier 1.1.17 / 1.2.0 beta is out and has some great new features, notably big performance improvements and SDN-like rulesets. So if there is any development going on with the pfSense/FreeBSD package, halting and retargeting this new release seems wise. The 1.1.14 (previous stable) build never materialized on FreeBSD anyway, and the old one that ships with this package (1.1.4) core dumped on me a handful of times so I uninstalled it.

    Here's the blogpost describing 1.2.0:

    Sadly, as of now, it seems there's a problem with the FreeBSD build:

  • is this still actively developed? i'd like to chime in with $30 (will send via paypal)

  • Will gladly pitch another $20 if it can be continued.

  • I'll throw another $100 into the fray to get this updated and pushed into the package repo.


    Would keen to see all of the controller functionality working as well.

  • It seems this project was dropped by the previous person. Would anyone else be willing to pick up the project and work to update it to final full release package to the pfsense community?

    I'll offer another $100 to the new bounty for this.

  • Im in for $250 if anyone wants to pick this up.

  • So I have been playing around with this. I have one primary issue which has to be solved before I can update/build the functionality of the client and controller.

    Right now I have started from the ground up building a package. I can get the service started and track it in the services menu. Once started via the gui I can use the cli to join a network and then assign the interface.

    The issue is then when the system reboots the daemon doesn't appear to start before the configuration is loaded and that leads to an interface mismatch that requires Cli interaction to bring the system up again.

    I'm open to any ideas you all have to get the service started before the config loads.

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