PfSense on Watchguard x750e - Stuck before I got started

  • I bought a used wg x750e. It seemed like it booted ok when I got it before I messed with it. It came with a 512mb CF card. I followed the instructions to get pfSense on it by first booting to FreeDosBios. When I try to boot with that image on the CF card I never get to 3 beeps - just one beep on startup then "Booting OS" and never further. If I remove the CF card and boot with the up arrow pressed I get output to putty but it says 'bad signature'. Did I break this thing?

  • Can you try a smaller CF ? For booting on Freedos 128 Mo is enough.

  • Nothing broken (yet) imabev, as ccnet says you just need a smaller CF card that can boot the unit. Prior to getting the new BIOS, these units are very picky about the cards they will boot from, and it's the hardest part about using a WG for pfSense (it all gets much easier once you have the modified BIOS installed). Stick with it, shove comes to heave there are plenty of us using WGs that have "known good" BIOS cards.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, you can buy pre-modified BIOS chips on eBay for xPeak units. Forum member Ceama was (is?) selling them.

  • Ok thanks for the responses. Looking for a 128mb flash card now on the ebay.

  • I've installed several x550e boxes and have a bunch of CF cards that will work for you.
    Let me know if you can't find one and I'll send you one.

  • Worked without too much problem with a 128mb cf card. The only other trick was when I flashed the bios I would never get the command prompt to prompt me after the flash - it just stayed there. I let it run for up to 1 hour. I turned the box off and on and reflashed 3 separate times. On the final flash it returned to the command prompt for about 15 seconds. Not sure if I skipped a step somewhere but go through it! Thanks you everyone's help.

  • RJ put together a pretty good set of instructions for this at
    Have a look and see if it helps.

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