Esxi 6 & pfsense nic help

  • Hello,

    I have been browsing the web for a guide to help me install pfsense in esxi 6 under workstation 12. I will try to explain my setup as best as I can.


    Motherboard -  Supermicro 2758F
    16g Ecc Ram

    I would like to also say that I use to run just pfsense on this box for almost a year but I have decided to utilize the hardware since it was built for home use and was a little much for what I actually needed.

    Linux is my main OS then I installed Workstation 12. In Workstation I installed Esxi and Windows 7 under two different VM. Under Esxi I installed pfSense.

    To get my other nic's to show up in esxi I had to power down the VM and add another Network Adapter 2 and click Custom. If I did not do this no other nic would show up.

    Now my problem is getting internet via WAN & LAN on pfsense. I beleive it has something to do with my Nic settings. After adding my second Nic I noticed it was already connected. This is the guide that I found that helped point me in the right direction.

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    For what possible reason would you have it nested like that??  Just install esxi native, and install the OSes as vms you want..

  • I was just wondering if it was possible to do it this way & if there was an easy fix. Sadly if not I will just do a native install.

    To answer your question, the reason why I have it nested like that so I can use Splashtop to remote into my Linux OS and remote control all the settings.

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    "I can use Splashtop to remote into my Linux OS and remote control all the settings."  That is pretty lame reason..  Once you have esxi installed, and or pfsense - you can either just access esxi directly via the client, then console to any vm.  You could RDP/Splashtop to any vm, run esxi vclient from there.  You could just ssh to your esxi host, etc. etc..

    If you want type 2 on your box, then just install pfsense to workstation 12, no need to install esxi under that.

  • In the end I just installed esxi am going to use that to run my VM's like you first suggested. I have already installed esxi and have it running with pfsense. My only quesetion is do I have to do any before I had to increase the mbfu but now since pfsense is running inside esxi i am unsure.

    Also I noticed that my thermal sensors are not working, is there a fix?

  • I also installed Open-VM-Tools package. Other then that I was going to set up pfsense like I would normally do if it wasn't in a VM.

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    How wold your thermal sensors work in a VM?  Look to esxi for your thermal info on the hardware..  I don't think your system supports vt-d does it?

    I have not needed to do anything with mbfu, nor any other sort of specific tuning.. Then again not running on your hardware..

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