Help me diagnose SPA3102 registration problem

  • My environment has a bridged modem with pfsense firewall/router. The version is 2.0.3(old I know). Among the connected network devices is a SPA3102 VOIP ATA. The SPA3102 normally registers to About every couple of months the registration starts to fail. It still attempts but receives no response. Restarting the SPA3102 makes no difference. If I restart the pfsense system, registration is again successful.

    The SPA3102 is setup with a static ip address and the pfsense system is set as the gateway. I have played with dns settings statically set to the ISP, through the gateway and even tried googles dns.

    The biggest issue is that the time to get a failure is so long. Is there anything that I can use on the pfsense system to help diagnose the problem? I have not yet restarted pfsense with the hope that there is something that can be used to trace the problem.

    Thanks for any help

  • My first instinct would to be try a "Reset States" to try and force a "clean" registration.

    A search will find a few posts in the Forum on similar situations.

    My second instinct would be to get upgraded to 2.2.5.
    Much more stable and enough changes from 2.0.3 to be worthwhile.

    Is there anything "special" about your pfSense box?

    Bare Metal (what box) or VM?
    Full (how much HD) or Nano install?
    How much RAM?
    How many and what type NICS?

    Take a backup and get yourself onto 2.2.5.
    Well worth the effort (if any).

    Any solutions you come to under 2.0.3 are very possibly (probably) short lived anyway.

  • So doing a Reset States did make the registration begin working again. I now have a path to investigate.

    I am running on bare metal not a VM. The 2 NICs are both onboard. It uses nano rather than spinning rust

  • Hi
    Thanks for this thread (old as it is) but am experiencing exactly the same issue (both with mynetfone and SPA3102)

    Failure to register with SIP
    0 incoming SIP bytes
    Major troubleshooting (all at mynetfone end normal)

    Found this thread - reset firewall states - and registers!

    Importantly running:
    2.3.3-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz
    x4 Intel NIC
    x2 Inuse - LAN and WAN

    Any answers?


  • I would try capturing on the WAN port for all traffic between 5060-5065.  See if there is communication being sent out and if you get a response.  The check the LAN side and see if they are different.

  • Thanks for the reply

    The issue seems to be that pfsense is not updating states when the WAN IP changes (which it does occasionally)

    This thread details the issue:

    With the below seemingly fixing the problem -
    "That'll set the hidden config option to wipe all states rather than just your former IP's states"

    global $config;
    $config = parse_config(true);
    $config['system']['ip_change_kill_states'] = true;
    write_config("Enable kill all states");


  • Hmm
    Same issue occurred

    VOIP SPA3102 is mapped (in States/States) to an old WAN IP address and fails to register.
    Manually deleted the two incorrect states and all is good again (new states formed with current WAN IP address)

    It seems the above config setting was not being followed?


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