SquidGuard Redirect Page Not Updating

  • I have two "public" firewalls (2.2.4) for our guest networks running SquidGuard.  SquidGuard is working as it should.  Under Services > SquidGuard > Common ACL I have Redirect mode set to ext url err page (enter URL) and the redirect info set to and that does redirect as it should.

    As of next week I need to integrate a new logo on the redirect page so on the external web server I copied the error.htm file to errorpublic.htm and edited the name of the logo in this file.  Both the old and new pages open fine and display correctly.  On the firewalls I edited the redirect info link to and hit SAVE.  Exiting out of the firewall and logging back in shows the update was saved.  When I go to a forbidden page it still opens the OLD link in the address bar of the browser.  This is NOT cached information as I have tried this from multiple computers.  The "blocked" page is showing up as my computers in the LOGS so I know I'm hitting the right firewalls.  This is happening on BOTH firewalls.  What do I need to do in order for the updated URL to be used?

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