SG-2440 won't boot

  • On 5/26/15 I ordered and subsequently received an SG-2440 and it has been in good service.

    Today it failed and it is not responsive. This is what I see on the serial:

    OK  ?
    Available commands:
      reboot           reboot the system
      heap             show heap usage
      lszfs            list child datasets of a zfs dataset
      boot             boot a file or loaded kernel
      autoboot         boot automatically after a delay
      help             detailed help
      ?                list commands
      show             show variable(s)
      set              set a variable
      unset            unset a variable
      echo             echo arguments
      read             read input from the terminal
      more             show contents of a file
      lsdev            list all devices
      include          read commands from a file
      ls               list files
      load             load a kernel or module
      load_geli        load a geli key
      unload           unload all modules
      lsmod            list loaded modules
      bcachestat       get disk block cache stats
      pnpscan          scan for PnP devices
      smap             show BIOS SMAP
      boot-conf        load kernel and modules, then autoboot
      read-conf        read a configuration file
      enable-module    enable loading of a module
      disable-module   disable loading of a module
      toggle-module    toggle loading of a module
      show-module      show module load data
      try-include      try to load/interpret files
    OK boot
    /boot/kernel/kernel text=0x1223dd0 inflate: invalid literal/lengths set
    readin failed
    elf64_loadimage: read failed
    can't load 'kernel'
    no bootable kernel

    Help please?

    Thank you

  • Please create an account under pfSense Store to register
    and activate (product activation) your account SG-2440 device,
    then you will be able to open a ticket there or write to

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