Installing to HD option results in livecd on hd

  • I've having a strange problem getting pfsense 2.2.6 installed on a spare desktop at work for a tests I want to conduct. I downloaded the memstick version of 2.2.6 and used win32imager to write it to my usb stick. This particular desktop was running windows before and has 3 disks in it (1 ssd as the boot drive and two HDs)

    I press 'I' to install on HD but when the machine reboots (I removed the USB stick), it seems like I'm running the livecd version of pfsense from the hard drive. Changes aren't saved and I see an option 99 (install to HD) in the menu after pfsense is loaded. For fun I tried that option too and upon reboot, it's the same thing…. like I'm running  livecd when booted from the internal HD.

    This is not the first time I've installed pfsense but I've never seen this before. The only thing different I noticed during this install vs others is that it seems to get stuck at 38% for a couple minutes (I can't remember the command its running, something like -vvv /mnt/usr)

    Any suggestions on what might be going wrong and things I can try when I'm back at work on Monday?


  • Download and install the LiveCD image, not memstick.

  • When you're given a PC and a USB stick with pfsense, you don't think someone left a CD in the drive with pfsense as well. Once I noticed the light on the CD drive flashing on my latest install attempt…... Remove the CD and magic, everything started working as expected.

  • D'oheth!