Quick question

  • Hi,
    Couple of questions.
    1. I needed to add a route, done that successfully, but if I reboot, route is lost.  Is it just a case of adding -p in the route add -p -iface em0 ?

    2. I have a(temporary) rule to allow everything in & out. this works fine. I now want to change this. I want to do some port forwarding. I have changed pf web port to (say)1234 & can access that fine on wan side.  I want to pass 80,443,25 etc all through to a load kemp balancer.  I dont seem to be able to get that bit working.  would I need a port forward, or a 1:1 rule to get to kemp?

    setup:  <internet><–-- specific IP:1234---> pfsense web
    also need  <internet 25="" 80="" <---specific="" ip:443="" 110---="">pfsense <--->Kemp:443/80/25/110

    does any of  that make sense?</internet></internet>

  • S`ok, got it sorted.. hadnt quite fuly set rule

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