Quagga OSPF - Priority 0 Doesn't Work

  • Hi Everyone,

    Has anybody ever realized that in Quagga OSPF, under interface settings, when we amend the priority (default is 1), the Quagga ospfd.conf file is being updated successfully by pfsense package manager, except for "priority 0". When we choose priority to be 0, the "ip ospf priority 0" interface command is not being added to the /var/etc/quagga/ospfd.conf file. On the pfsense GUI>Services>Quagga OSPF>Status bar, at the bottom you can see the config and you wont see the command "ip ospf priority 0". For any other value between 0-255, the pfsense pushes this one line configuration to the ospfd.conf file properly.

    Does anyone know how and when this will be fixed or has anyone found the professional way to overcome the problem?

    At the moment I am putting all the ospfd.config to the Raw Config tab, but this will mean that pfsense GUI for Quagga OSPF becomes completely useless, as the changes we do on Raw Config tab is never reflected to the OSPF config on pfsense GUI.

    This is a bug for Priority value "zero". Does anyone know how can I report this and/or get fixed somehow?


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