Installation of Intel Gigabit Driver.

  • Hello Pfsense world
    I am installing Pfsense 2.2.6 RELEASE onto an old Dell Optiplex 270gsx for home office use.  The Dell has an onboard Intel Gigabit network card which requires a dedicated driver to be downloaded from the Intel download center before it will work.  I want this particular card to work because the other NICs are standard 10/100mbps.  The onboard Gigabit card does work as it has been tested on the same computer running windows (and downloading the relevant driver after windows OS install.)

    When installing Pfsense, it only recognises the two less powerful NICs as interfaces, but not the onboard card.  At boot up, Pfsense recognises the make of the card and classifies it as em0.  I have checked in the hardware lists of FreeBSD and the chip on my onboard  card is supported.  Indeed, Intel have a downloadable .gz file which will make it work.  My biggest problem is downloading the file and incorporating it into the boot loader of Pfsense so that it will spring to life  at boot.

    I tried to use 'fetch' which generated a certificate authentication error.  I am not sure how else to get it from the internet onto my box.

    Any help would be gratefully received as this is my first foray into the world of Pfsense.

    Many Thanks

  • Download on a different PC, copy to thumb drive/thumb drive to pfSense box or scp to pfSense box?

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