FreeRadius on PFSense CARP sytem

  • How does the FreeRadius package tie in with pfsync and CARP? Does it keep itself up to date also? I run the Radius Server for my WISP on the Pfsense box. I'm planning on setting up a second PFSense unit and also would like to have FreeRadius on that as well so I can make sure that Auth for my clients doesn't go down. Thanks for any input you can give me.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The FreeRADIUS package has its own XMLRPC sync options to keep the configuration in line but there is no "pfsync" or state synchronization for data inside freeradius. For example, accounting/session times/data transferred/online users/etc are isolated between them.

  • I don't use FreeRadius for anything other than authenticating customer CPE's to my Ubiquiti AirMax AP's. So no accounting at all. Just username/password passed from the CPE to the AP. AP checks and if the FreeRadius server says ok, the CPE connects and gets an IP address and internet. Basically all I need is to be sure that usernames/passwords are synced between the servers. Everything else doesn't matter.