What is PFsense Port Forward Limit ?

  • Hi
    I am looking at buying an ALIX Embedded PC for Pfsense.

    The ready to go systems comes on a 128MB flash card.

    I would like to know how may port forwards can I do?
    I understand each NAT requires a Firewall rule, so this
    must be stored somewhere, how do you manage this


  • I don't think that there is an explicit limit anywhere.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    Have you really looked at pfSense yet ???
    Anyway, the rules are managed in the WebGUI and stored in the config.xml file. And you can define rules (NAT or firewall rules) with port ranges to keep the number needed as clean as possible.

  • You can forward as much as your number of public IPs allows. If you have one public IP, that's 65535 TCP ports, 65535 UDP ports, and add a handful more for other IP protocols - ICMP, GRE, etc.

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