In a multi-wan setup can I tie one internal IP to only use one connection?

  • I currently have a multi-wan setup in place. One of our lines is a lot faster so is tied to port 80, however this line doesn't have a static IP. Our slower line, used mainly for SSH and FTP, has a static IP. One of the people here requires that they be able to access a site via this static IP.

    Is it possible to add a rule to pfSense that tells it to only use the connection with the static IP when a specific IP address is accessing the internet on port 80?

  • Create a rule on the LAN tab.
    This rule should be on top of all other rules so it gets processed first.

    Set as source IP your client.
    Set as gateway the WAN you want to use.

    From now on this client should always go over the specifies WAN.
    You could refine the rule and limit it to be used only for specific ports.

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