How to allow a website for a single IP?! .. Please Help

  • Hello guys,
    this is my first Topic , i would like to know with a simple steps how to allow only one website for a single IP, a client on our network want to access only one website to do his job tasks and i don't want just allow all internet access to the same IP ..
    So what i have to do?!
    PS:Forgive my language .. English is not my mother tongue

  • Add a firewall rule on LAN interface that allows source IP from your client to access destination IP of the web server.  If the web server has many IPs then make an alias and use that as the destination.  Put the rule above any block rules you have for denying web access to your other clients.

  • You can also configure custom ACL rules in squid if you are using squid proxy server.

    Create the following in the Custom ACLS (Before Auth) box under Advanced features in the Squid Proxy Server configuration page:

    acl clientexception_dst dstdomain
    acl clientexception_src src src.ip.of.client
    http_ access allow clientexception_src clientexception_dst

    More information on these configuration directives is available at and

  • Hello,

    can anyone correct me on my set up, i have here LAN rule: Block (client IP address) * ! (website address) *  *  none
    when trying to access the specified website, it says website is not available. So i'm assuming that the website specified is blocked. Am i missing something here?

  • @blood: (website address)

    Er… is the loopback address for your client. Not a website address.

  • Blood,

    Please start your own topic instead of hijacking this one.  Your problem has nothing to do with this thread.

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