Embedded recomendations

  • I have a machine that I am having issues with installing pfsense on. I have consulted some very nice forum people and they have recommended that I run it off a flash drive instead of a hdd due to the issues I was experiencing. My question is what information do I need to be aware of when I tackle this project?  Major differences in the configuration process? certain files not being retained between reboots?

    I found a document talking about the differences between the full install and the embedded solution and it talks about not retaining the log files. What log files is it referring to? Performance logs? User traffic logs? arp table?

    I have a hdd in the system that can store whatever data the operating system needs, it just wont boot from that hdd. Is there a way I can overcome the issues of the embedded install using the hdd to store things such as the log files?

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