Whitelist domains without authentication

  • I created a registration on the portal page and it submits data on my application server which runs all the API in the network.  Captive portal however blocks all traffic even on LAN network.  The pre-authentication https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=34148.0 approach also doesn't work. Has anyone successfully implemented the same approach?

  • @tux:

    ….  Captive portal however blocks all traffic even on LAN network.

    The captive Portail is on LAN ? OPT1 ?

    I have a Captive Portal on OPT1 ( and devices on that network segment can communicate with my syslog server on LAN ( of course), because I added the IP's of these is devices on "allowed IP list"
    On my login page, I have link to a web server on the Internet (and I allowed the domain and IP of this server on the list) so visitors can visit THAT web server (on the net) without being authenticated (yet).

  • Ok.  I also tried adding my api server on the allowed IPs but it doesn't work.  I thought the allowed list is based on the client's ip accessing the page.

  • Do you have an allow rule in the firewall rules to that IP?

  • Yes.  Actually @Gertjan was correct. I can now access the server by putting it in the allowed IP list. Thank you!

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