• Background:  I have a single WAN and several VLANs/subnets defined.

    Simplistic Illustration:
    LAN Segments
    VlanSubnet1 ----------+
    VlanSubnet2 ----------+-----> WAN
    VlanSubnet3 ----------+

    Issue:  Trying to troubleshoot packets originating from one of the "VlanSubnetX" client that are destined for some Internet host.

    Since the packets are destined for an Internet host, the firewall logs show the Source address as the IP address of the pfSense gateway itself (due to NAT).  This is the expected behavior; however, how/where can I see the pre-NAT information? 
    For example:
        <client1_vlansubnet1>sends a ping out to, then I only see WAN IP ADDR as the Source. 
    What I would like to see is pre-NATTed Information: 
        Source = <client1_vlansubnet1>, Destination=, Interface = <ip_address_of_gateway_vlansubnet1></ip_address_of_gateway_vlansubnet1></client1_vlansubnet1></client1_vlansubnet1>