SG-2440 mSATA addition

  • Hi,

    I have purchased a SG-2440 (to help support the pfSense team).

    After it had arrived and installed, I was asked to also install a proxy server on it.
    So I ordered an mSATA drive from amazon, installed it - and the device detects it correctly.

    Here's the big question:
    Should I keep the current install on the embedded device and add the mSATA drive as mappings to where I need to?
    Or should I simply re-install the pfSense on the device, this time defining the mSATA drive as the install drive and make it the default boot?
    (the latter will make my life easier in the future if I'm ever asked to install anything else on the device)

    If I want to re-install, which image should I download from pfSense? (Live CD with Serial Console I assume?)


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