2 Wan different LAN Speed 100baseT and 1000baseT HELP!!!

  • Hi everyone i hope you have a wonderful day. I would like to ask assistance regarding on my pfsense this is the scenario below and i hope you can help me out with my problem which i cant solve the entire 3 weeks.  :'( …...

    I have 2 ISP i is iGATE and the other one is ADSL the iGATE got 1000 base T while the ADSL has 100 base T and the iGATE is currently connected to our mail server/firewall. I have WANTEAMING by the way. Now my problem is when i connect my pfsense to the mail server/firewall as a client my internet is very very slow and other users got disconnected from the internet. And when i try to make the the ADSL as a gateway it will not get disconnected but other users using the ADSL's wifi will get disconnected too. I don't know what is the problem of my pfsense and why is it consuming all the BW... Below is my setup.

    COMPUTER: core i3 4th gen, 4 GB memory, 500 GB HDD, 3 LAN connection.
    WAN 1 :  iGate 4mb up and down dedicated link.
    WAN 2 : ADSL 4mb up and 1mb down + wifi .
    LAN 2: 1 GB


    TIA everyone.

  • BTW please find my pfsense version below:
    2.2.6-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Dec 21 14:50:08 CST 2015
    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p25

    You are on the latest version.

  • What do you mean "WANTEAMING" ? You have a gateway group defined?

    The "COMPUTER" is your pfSense firewall? Not clear.

    Have you selected a proper LB/failover scheme (e.g. Tier1–>Tier2 or both WANs set as Tier1 for loadbalance)

    Have you selected this GW group (under Advanced) in your default (usually last) firewall rule of your LAN interface?

    Please post pictures of your firewall rules (LAN + WAN) as well as the Gateways and Gateway groups screens.

  • Thanks for the reply please see below for my network diagram and rules. Also i disable the LB/FAILOVER but the problem is still the same it slowed down my network… i am  currently working this pfsense firewall and slowly migrating users to the pfsense. "COMPUTER" is my pfsense box.

    ![LAN RULE.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/LAN RULE.PNG)
    ![LAN RULE.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/LAN RULE.PNG_thumb)

  • Couple things:

    1. if WAN2 is 4x slower than WAN1 you should define a 4:1  LB ratio (weight) on the WAN1 gateway advanced page.

    2. The "mail/proxy" box you have pictured, what is that? What are its interface IPs? It is also a "firewall"? Looking at your gateways it looks like you might have some double-NAT going on which can cause lots of issues.

  • Hi Luckman212,

    Thanks for the reply..

    1. my WAN1 is 4mb up and 4mb down dedicated link and for my WAN2 it is only (UP TO 4mb) down and (UP TO 1mb) up. What weight ratio should i go 1:2 or 1:3?

    2. The interface ip for that one is 192.168.0/24 and yes it is a mail/firewall we will decommission that one after the pfsense is up and running with no issues. WAN1(DHCP coming from our mail/proxy server) WAN2 (DHCP coming from our router).

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