User account group as Alias

  • Hi. Is it possible to use a user account group as an Alias?
    I'm using a Captive Portal and there are currently 2 classes of users: "Members (valid account users)" and "Guests (voucher users)"

    Member advantage - permanent access
    Guest advantage - less restrictions

    Given that "members" are employees, I wan't to limit their browsing freedom via firewall.
    Is there a way to group them as an alias BY USER ACCOUNT, not by their addresses so they can switch devices and still get the same restrictions?

    I know you can group user accounts but it looks like I can only use it for setting their privileges, not as aliases for firewall rules. Thanks.

  • In short, you can't apply firewall restrictions to user accounts within the firewall rules themselves. Your best bet would be to install Squid/Squidguard/Dansguardian and set your user-based restrictions that way. If you're using a Windows environment, it's possible to bind Squid to Active Directory and apply filters according to Windows-defined access groups. Google is your friend of course, but here's a link which may get you started.

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