2.3 fresh install - no firewall logs…

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    Downloaded 2.3 i.86 full, installed it to SSD, copied over config from 2.2.6, booted. OK, no packages, installed them manually and started looking around. No firewall logs, see pic in appendix.

    But I know there are connections blocked. Pressed the "reset logs" button on the settings tab. No change. Did a reboot. No change…

    Moreover, I toggled two firewall rules (port 80 and 443) from inactive to active, worked fine initially, but later the firewall forgot about it and blocked the host from reaching internet. STRANGE! Reboot didn't help, after some looking around I found the two ALLOW rules  were inactive again. 
    ![no logs sense 2.3.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/no logs sense 2.3.JPG)
    ![no logs sense 2.3.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/no logs sense 2.3.JPG_thumb)

  • Have you ticked the 'Log packets that are handled by this rule' option in each of your firewall rules? You won't see any logs otherwise.

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    I didn't change anything, just copied over the config.xml from 2.2.6, has the default changed? What is the 2.3 logging default for the default block rule?

    I can't check that now or anytime soon, as I switched the box back to the 2.2.6 SSD and have no time for any experiments the next days…

  • Have a look at this attachment. I've circled the tick box you need to tick to enable logging on any of your firewall rules. This box has existed in all version of PFS I have known up until now. If this is left un-ticked, you will see no logs for this rule.

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