Instalation error - 41%

  • Right, installing pfsense from live cd to a CF card (i would use the embeded version but i cant find any of my null cables)(and i like packages)

    It fails at 41% every time (or donest so much fail as just sit there doing nothing)
    Retrying the command does nothing, Skipping the command works and the install compleats, but bits are missing (like captive portal, or interface status on the monitor output)

    Any idea's why it would fail?

  • Faulty CF is the only thing that comes to mind that could cause that.

  • Did you follow these notes?,6840.0.html
    I found trying to do a full install on CF very hit and miss- I've had certain (otherwise fine) cf-ide adapters, cf cards, and PC's that just would not work.

  • Is it possible that your CF card s just very slow on writes and the installation would eventually finish if you wait long enough?

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