Skew Not Working-maybe [SOLVED]

  • No matter what order I boot/re-boot my two routers in the one with Skew 100 seems to come up as Master.  I am not even sure how to troubleshoot this.

    I have a LAN and a GUEST interface(s):

    Router #1–the one I want as master
    LAN: VHID Group 1, Base 1, Skew 0
    GUEST: VHID Group 2, Base 1, Skew 0

    Router #2--preferred as secondary
    LAN: VHID Group 1, Base 1, Skew 100
    GUEST: VHID Group 2, Base 1, Skew 100

    Router #2 always comes up as Master.  I want Router #1 to be master as I have 2 ISPs, one is slower.  When I fail over to router #2 I want to be using ISP 2 as my main link, which is slower than ISP 2. I have Gateway Groups setup but have yet to set my router as the group so that isn't work right at the moment which is fine.

    Happy to provide any pertinent dat but don't know where to start.  I am on 2.3 but I think this was going on prior to that. Any ideas?

  • Ok, well this was quick. Fixed my own problem. Had /32 masks on my Virtual IP on my master.  Sorry for the fire drill. Thought I would leave this here in case someone else made a bonehead mistake like that.  I did know to use the interface mask, I just overlooked it until now.

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