GW Problem: error socket: sendto error 55/error 64

  • Hi Team,

    I use pfSense v2.3 release for my local network (about 350 users connected with 2 LAN and 3 WAN interfaces hosted in a vmware).
    Since thursday, I have the below message in my pfSense Gateway's tab log:
    dpinger GWNAME IP_ADDRESS: sendto error: 55
    dpinger GWNAME IP_ADDRESS: sendto error: 64

    My bandwidth is limited on 4Mbps even if I have 15Mbps allowed from my ISP. I don't know why! (There are no bandwidth limitation in pfSense )

    Did someone have the same issue?



  • I am having the exact same issue. I loose connectivity to the internet and I have these messages in my log files:

    Apr 25 21:56:44 dpinger WANGW sendto error: 64
    Apr 25 21:56:45 dpinger WANGW sendto error: 65

  • jyrandrianiaina: Which type of NICs are you using? If e1000/em, it's better to use vmxnet3. Not that e1000 should hurt anything, but switch to vmxnet3 if you're not on that already. That'll also give us a better idea of the source of the issue.

  • Hi cmb,

    Thank for your answer, I will swith to vmxnet3 and will let you know later.


  • Switching to vmxnet3, my internet connexion look like stable. There are no error in the gateway's tab log.

  • @carlosdnice:

    Apr 25 21:56:45 dpinger WANGW sendto error: 65

    Same as the above appeared for me when upgrading from 2.3.1_? to most recent 2.3.1_p5 (stable).

  • hi, i try use e1000 and vmnetx3, and all cases the network system respond few minutes ok, the sequence is very slow. In /var/log/gateways i receive the error:pfsense dpinger: GW_LAN 1-.x.x.x: sendto error:50

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