Firewall rules by timer

  • Hello, My firewall is used at home and I use the firewall rules to limit my children's internet access.
    But  the short coming with schedules is that I have to maintain any exceptions eg if my daughter wants 30 minutes in the morning I have to create a new rule and activate it and then deactivate it so it is not available the next day or next week.
    This is not a lot of housekeeping, but I think it could be easier.

    My idea is to have a set number of minutes available during the day which can be used at their discretion.

    As this is not standard I need some help.
    I can create my own timer but I cannot figure out how I can enable or disable a rule. ( my plan is to have a permeant blocking rule and above that an accepting rule which the kids can enable if they have the time available )

    Any help or clues would be appreciated

  • I think captive portal will meet your aims.

    There is a particular topic in the forum:

  • Thanks a heap.

    I hope you get some points :D

    My kids will hate me now.

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