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    I am trying to allow outbound mail for an iPhone from an Ability Mail server. Is there a rule for port 25 that I need to setup? I have port 25 allowed inbound for the server and can receive email fine on the phone. I just cannot send outbound mail from the phone.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    so did you alter the default lan rules from the default any any?  If not then the block is most likely your ISP that do not like outbound on 25 to outside their network.

  • There is a rule that allows any source address to go to port 25 on the server destination IP. Is there a requirement to have a rule going the other way?

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    dude the default lan rules on pfsense are any any… Unless you messed with that you can go anywhere and on any port you want.

    Again.. Many ISPs block 25, you can only talk to their servers on 25..  Anywhere else on the internet is blocked quite often..  this is to prevent people from mail servers on their home connections and more likely than not just sending spam..

    pfsense out of the box blocks NOTHING outbound..  This is the default rules on the lan interface any any.. So unless you messed with that pfsense is not blocking anything outbound..

    Contact your isp.

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    As mentioned, unless you changed the rules, it would not be blocked, but using 25 outbound from a client is no longer accepted behavior in many networks/ISPs/etc. Clients should be using the submission port (587) with authentication and, ideally, TLS. Unauthenticated SMTP clients are massive spam sources, so they're slowly being choked off by ISPs more and more.