Interface group on transparent fw

  • Hi,

    I have created a WAN-interface (with public ip) and no ip on the other side=transparent mode and no nat/vlan.

    I have created a interface group named LAN_GROUP with member interface opt1 and opt2.
    The idea is that traffic that flows to LAN_GROUP should be passed on to both physical interface opt1 and opt2.

    1. I think the above should fix it, but I have not yet been able to look at the actual traffic on opt1. Can you confirm that it works like that?

    2. I have a third physical interface named opt3. Is there some way I can force the traffic to go through unfiltered from SNORT/firewall-rules from interface WAN? The reason is that this client has their own fw and I would like as mutch seperation possible and just pass on traffic within a ip-range.

  • Learned a bit now I think.. In the bridge (that I must have for transparent mode to work), the traffic is flowing to all ports that are in the same bridge. So having a "interface group" doesn't impact/change any traffic at all. All traffic in same bridge is just blindly "copied" out to all LAN-ports. Is this correct understood?