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  • Hi
    I have installed pfsense, i have configured rules in WAN and LAN to pass any things, but when i test connection in any PC i dont have access to any web page, but whan i ping i have positive response.
    Can you explain to me please.

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    And what are you doing for dns..  Can pfsense resolve what your trying to go to?  www.domain.tld?  What is your client using for dns?

  • for example in user PC when i ping for i have positive response, but it dont work with navigator, ans other thing, it work just when i install squid proxy.
    It didnt work without proxy

  • This :

    … i have configured rules in WAN and LAN to pass any things,...

    was not needed.
    Install pfSense, and any PC can surf on the net - get mails, whatever.

    If after adding firewall rules things start to go downhill, you know where the problem is ;)

  • just i have aded the rules to pass any think in the wan and in the lan

  • Dont pass on WAN.  Delete those rules.

  • i have delet all rules and also the same thing

  • OK - What is the pfsense connected to?

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    Yeah seeing hits on your block private rule.. Is something source natting traffic to pfsense that its from a rfc1918 address

  • Thats techy speak for "Are you plugged into a modem or a router?"

    The thing your pfsense attaches to.  Does it have 1 port or 4 or 5?

  • The LAN is connected in the our SWITCH and the WAN is connected diretly with the internet modem with 1 port

  • So that is a public IP on the WAN?  not a 192. whatever?

    Go to you interfaces.  Select WAN.  Remove the check marks for block private and block bogon.  Reboot.  See what happens

  • Also, if you are setting up service with the pfsense the first time, often you will need to call your ISP and tell them your pfsense WAN MAC address.

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    Or just reboot the cable modem.

  • That CAN also work.  Works for ONTs also most of the time.  Not always though.

  • No the wan ip adress is 192.168…. for the block provate and block bogon its the same things. Blocked or not.
    Just one thing, if i instal squid and active it with the configuration in the user desktop. It work. But i dont need to use the proxy

  • Thw wan IP starts with 192.168?

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    The 1 thing off the top of my head that would explain why it works with proxy is that you turned nat off on pfsense..

    So now your traffic it looks like its coming from pfsense 192.168 wan IP vs some other 192.168.x.x network behind pfsense.  That wouldn't explain the ping working though… What IP address is on pfsense wan 192.168.?  And what is on the lan 192.168.?

    If they are the same, the networks overlap then no its not going to work..  Proxy might work though..

    If your saying you have rfc1918 on your pfsense when then you don't have a "modem" in front.. You have a gateway, ie modem/router combo doing NAT.. And yes if you have the same network on both sides of pfsense its going to be borked!  Or your isp is doing carrier grade nat?

  • The wan is connected with the modem with ip and the lan have the adress

  • quick fix to get things working (proabably)

    Change LAN IP (and DHCP) to with a /24

    Make sure wan interface has block private unchecked.  (save and apply all changes)

    After that, take some time to unjack your setup.  Its going to take some reading.

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    That is normally what you get when modem does not have a uplink… Many cable modems when they have no uplink to the isp will hand out private IP address. in the 192.168.100 range..

    Its possible you turned on pfsense before your modem had sync to isp?  I would suggest you reboot your modem... When it has sync and showing it online via its lights.  Then connect pfsense to it... It should then get a public IP.. From your isp.. That is if actually a modem - or gateway in bridge mode.  What is the make and model of this isp device pfsense wan is plugged into.

  • johnpoz, i have tried that but it dodnt work.
    kejianshi, same think, the problèm hear, why i can ping in any web link

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    Then call you ISP… you getting a is not going to work on a cable modem.. You should have a public IP from your ISP..

  • i have another connection from a rooter. the public private adress is
    now i have changed my WAN to be conected with my rooter with the public adress and my lan with but i have the same problem. i can ping but i cant navigate

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    Are you saying that devices connect to this router work?

    When you say you can ping… Are you pinging by name and resolving this to an IP?


    Pinging [[b]] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=14ms TTL=51

    What are the rules you have on your lan of pfsense?  Its still the default any any rule?  You have nothing in floating?  Your outbound nat is automatic.  Your not running proxy??  Your browser is not trying to use a proxy you can not get to?

    Do a simple traceroute..

    From windows machine it would be

    tracert -d

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
      2    9 ms    9 ms    8 ms
      3    11 ms    11 ms    8 ms
      4    10 ms    9 ms    10 ms

    leave out the -d if you want name resolution.. Can slow it up..

  • I'm waiting for him to plug a computer or laptop directly into that modem before I worry this any longer.

    Need to confirm the modem is even working before messing around with pfsense anymore.

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    ^ agreed… 192.168.100 does not scream Im on the internet.

    Putting another router in front of it so pfsense now gets that natted IP on its wan doesn't help anything.. Especially when not stating that something else directly connected to this router works..

  • Yeah - The more I look at what johnpoz said earlier the more I'm think we are beating on pfsense and the modem isn't even passing an IP like it should.

    Easy to check by plugging directly into the modem.  (Might have to deal with the ISP about the MAC changes though).

  • yes i can ping to


    Envoi d’une requête 'ping' sur [] avec 32 octets de données :
    Réponse de : octets=32 temps=49 ms TTL=53
    Réponse de : octets=32 temps=48 ms TTL=53
    Réponse de : octets=32 temps=49 ms TTL=53
    Réponse de : octets=32 temps=48 ms TTL=53

    Statistiques Ping pour
        Paquets : envoyés = 4, reçus = 4, perdus = 0 (perte 0%),

    C:\Users\resa>tracert -d

    Détermination de l’itinéraire vers []
    avec un maximum de 30 sauts :

    1    2 ms    1 ms    1 ms
      2    2 ms    2 ms    2 ms
      3    4 ms    4 ms    4 ms
      4    6 ms    3 ms    3 ms
      5    *        *        *    Délai d’attente de la demande dépassé.
      6    *        *        *    Délai d’attente de la demande dépassé.
      7    50 ms    50 ms    50 ms
      8    49 ms    49 ms    49 ms
      9    55 ms    49 ms    51 ms
    10    49 ms    49 ms    50 ms
    11    49 ms    49 ms    49 ms
    12    49 ms    49 ms    49 ms
    13    *        *        *    Délai d’attente de la demande dépassé.
    14    52 ms    49 ms    50 ms
    15    48 ms    49 ms    49 ms

    Itinéraire déterminé.

  • i think that do some rules in the NAT?

  • so any solution?

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    how is it your 8 hops into your trace before you hit public IP space?  And not seeing that 192.168.100 anywhere in that unless its hop 5 or 6?

    Are you clients pointing to a proxy, what are your firewall rules?  Are you trying point traffic down a vpn?

    Do tcptraceroute - how far does http/https traffic get with say destination of google?

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1  0.388 ms  0.443 ms  0.560 ms
    2  11.206 ms  11.211 ms  18.032 ms
    3  22.360 ms  22.487 ms  23.364 ms
    4  18.929 ms  19.992 ms  19.996 ms
    5  19.782 ms  19.916 ms  19.757 ms
    6  19.855 ms  20.525 ms  19.436 ms
    7  20.069 ms  13.502 ms  14.110 ms
    8  14.320 ms  19.632 ms  18.099 ms
    9  16.836 ms  18.047 ms  18.075 ms
    10  16.717 ms  18.107 ms  18.099 ms
    11  17.205 ms *  15.873 ms
    12  16.081 ms  14.040 ms  13.946 ms
    13 <syn,ack>  17.232 ms  15.859 ms  21.930 ms</syn,ack>

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