Dynamic DNS + one.com?

  • Försöker hjälpa min far som har en domän och webhosting hos one.com. Är det möjligt att använda Dynamic DNS i pfSense och uppdatera DNS som ligger hos one.com? Tanken är att ha kvar webhosting, mail o.s.v hos one.com men ha vissa subdomäner "hemma". Någon som har provat detta?

  • I made a python script that lets you dynamically change the IP address a dns entry is pointing to.
    So far it only works for type A record subdomains. If you need a different type, please try to reconfigure the script yourself. If you're not experienced with python, you can contact me and i will try to adapt the script.
    execute it like this:

    python3 ddns.py youripaddress

    Run this every once in a while, maby through crontab, and you should be good.

    you can get your ip address in plain text from this address: https://api.ipify.org/?format=text

    combining the two could look like this (on linux):

    IP=$(curl https://api.ipify.org/?format=text); python3 my_ddns.py $IP

    Also, i dont speak swedish, i used google translate.
    If you need any help using the script, feel free to contact me through this email: minecraft.luca@gmx.de or discord: Lugico#4952

  • @Lugico

    Thank you for the script, it works perfectly for me 😃

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