VPN Network is not routing via tunnel

  • Hi together,
    i set up a OpenVPN Tunnel to a Server from our radio station (internal stuff).
    My pfs at home is the client and connects without problems to the server.
    A traceroute from the pfs to a server inside the vpn works flawless.
    But if i try to connect from my office pc the connection gets to my home pfs and then nothing...

    I have another tunnel running in basicly exactly the same way to a pfs box in my datacenter colo, on that one it works without problems...

    I don't understand why the network of 1 tunnel gets put via the tunnel it should and the other one does not.

    VPN personal Datacenter: (I can go via OpenVPN directly to there from my home network)
    VPN radio: (from pfs hui i can ping servers etc, but my LAN from home is not able to connect)

    I hope someone has an idea why this is...
    Thanks in advance

    Greetings Chris

  • Netgate

    I'd check the firewall in the workstation itself.

  • There is no firewall on any workstation i run here...
    The fun part is that i can freely use another tunnel and it works fine, but the second one just does not work...

    I don't understand why this is, but i got that problem.
    The config of both clients is the same (except for Server/Port).

  • Netgate

    Well, it has to be something.

    Guess you need to post screenshots, etc, so we can have a chance at seeing what was done wrong.