Cannot login to ntopng.

  • Installed ntopng, I CAN access the login page without a problem. But after typing the username and password it doesn't log in. Don't get any errors or anything. Any ideas?

    PfSense Ver. 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1

    ntopng 0.8.13_3

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    Make sure you are using the password put in on the ntopng settings page, and not the password for the GUI.

  • Doesn't seem to matter. I have changed that password several times and still cannot log into ntopng page.

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    Any errors in the logs? What username are you using?

    Maybe try stopping the service from Status > Services and then set the password one more time, see if it starts up OK after that.

  • Tried with no luck. Nothing unusual in the log files.

  • I have the same issue, tried restarting pfSense box, reinstalling (deleting all data and settings) ntopng but that didn't help.
    The service is running, I have no idea what to do next.


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    What happens if you stop the service and then try to start it by hand from the command line, do you see any errors? Use /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start

  • No errors when stopping and starting the service from the shell.

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    Did you try to use a different browser?

  • Doesn't work with Chrome or Firefox

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    You say there are no errors when you try to login, does the color outline on the login form fields change?

    If you provide a user/pass combination it doesn't recognize, it should at least turn red to indicate a failure.

    Also make sure you are using the username admin (all lower case), that's what it always uses, no matter what username you normally login to the GUI with.

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    Also, look in /var/db/ntopng/ntopng.log for any errors.

    If all else fails, remove the package and then run:

    # rm -rf /var/db/ntopng/ /var/db/redis/

    And then reinstall it again.

  • Outline of the fields doesn't not change. I am using "admin" as a username, I have set the password in the ntopng settings page several times

    27/Dec/2018 10:24:02 [Mutex.cpp:46] WARNING: pthread_mutex_lock() returned 11 [Resource deadlock avoided][errno=0]

    I see the above in the /var/db/ntopng/ntopng.log whenever I "stop" ntopng the service

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    Is it running more than once, perhaps? Check the output of ps uxaww and see if you see ntopng and redis running, and if they are running more than once.

  • Only see 1 ntopng and 1 redis-server in the list.

  • I also can find no errors in the logs and nothing special when I start the service from the shell.
    I have uninstalled ntopng and deleted /var/db/ntopng/ /var/db/redis/
    After that I installed it again, but I still can't login.

    I do notice that when I try to login I see the ntopng Desktop for a fraction of a second and than the login screen comes up again. I'm sure I use the correct credentials.


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    Do you maybe have some kind of ad/script blocking browser plugin in all the browsers you have tried? Or some kind of AV that might be interfering?

  • Just tried from another PC that does not have AV installed at all. It is pretty much a clean install of Windows 7. However I am noticing now that the Username and Password boxes are changing to Red after a few seconds. So I went back to the WebGUI to change the password and tried to log into ntopng again. Still changes to RED after a few seconds. Is it possible the at the password is not getting changed?

  • I just tried opening the page in Firefox and it works. I suppose I should have tried this earlier, sorry.
    I'll try to find out what is blocking the page in Vivaldi

    Thanks for your help pointing me in the right direction.


  • @MMTadmin , are you by chance running with /var file system in memory? Also, have you tried admin/admin as credentials after a reboot?

  • same here when running ntopng with ram disk.
    somebody running ntopng with pcengines apu board?

  • I have the same issue here. I can't login with Chrome, but with Firefox no problems.

  • I've had same issue.
    So I've done rm -r ... tip and reinstalled ntop, and now I can login.
    But when I'm trying to set password with pfsense GUI it doesn't change. It's always admin/admin.

  • I was able to set my ntopng password using redis-cli, following the method from an old locked thread.

    SSH into your pfSense and then run:

    echo -n NewPassword | md5

    (replace "NewPassword" with whatever you want for a password).
    That will show you the MD5 hash of your new password, which is what you have to actually use in the next step. Copy the output into your clipboard and paste into the redis-cli set command in the next step. For my example "NewPassword" the MD5 output is 70c04e53f3216a44d9b4f3e517f9b45c .


    set ntopng.user.admin.password 70c04e53f3216a44d9b4f3e517f9b45c

    After that, you should be able to log in with NewPassword or whatever you chose, using the "Access ntopng" page (Diagnostics->ntopng).

    I am not sure if this is persistent across reboots, as I haven't rebooted yet.

  • I have the same issue on my SG-3100 with ntopNG - and the workaround from damien_vancouver works for me.

    Any idea what the underlying issue is?

    It seems like the set password form in pfSense for ntopNG is broken somehow?

  • I have the exact same issue on 2.4.4-RELEASE and workaround from damien_vancouver is the only thing that works for me.

  • Hi ! Thanks for the workaround unfortunately the password is changed back after a reboot. Does anybody have a more permanent solution ?


    [Edit]Nevermind, I uninstalled the package, reinstalled it and set up the password using Edge. Now I can login (even in chrome)[/Edit]

  • Also had to use damien_vancouver workaround. Thanks damien_vancouver

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