Malformed wol packets

  • Hey everyone!

    Well, after an hour of fiddeling around with the settings on my PC to try to get it workling with pfSense's integrated wake on lan functionallity
    I found out (with wireshark) that the magic packages that pfsense sends are presumably invalid.

    To confirm this I simply tried a generic wake on lan app on my phone and it instantly worked.

    ( is pfsense, .5.81 is the phone and .5.7 the PC)
    alt text

    So, something arrives at my PC every time I click on the wake button in pfsense, but it's malformed.

    Can anyone confirm this, is it a known problem or is it just my system? Because I didn't find any info so far...
    (When searching for wol problems with pfsense most results are about wrong settings on the target device)

    Thanks in advance!

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