Changing VPN provider

  • I currently use the included VPN from Usenetserver. I have their VPN working with my pfSense router. I'm trying to switch over to their new provider Privado.

    I created a new CA and then a new VPN client based on the ovpn files they supplied. When I go to Status/OpenVPN/client instance statistics is says the new VPN is up. Then I changed my VPN_WAN interface assignment network port to ovpnc2 (the new VPN) from the old ovpnc1. When I reboot the firewall I lose internet as I don't have DNS anymore. Any idea what I'm missing?

    To get the internet working again I have to reload the prior config and reboot the firewall multiple times.

  • Found the problem. My new provider uses TCP and the old one used UDP. After changing the VPN_WAN rule to use TCP/UDP it all works.

  • I'm in the same boat. It's been years since I initially set this up and I'm having trouble getting connected (my old brain can't remember that far back!). I don't suppose I could trouble you for screenshots of your settings?

    lol, nm. Double-checked the settings from the ovpn and I'd missed one!

  • @riggs said in Changing VPN provider:

    I'm in the same boat.

    Here are my settings. I'm curious to know if yours differ?

    PrivadoVPN-6.jpg PrivadoVPN-7.jpg
    Firewall Rules on VPN_WAN

  • @NasKar Thanks man. All looks pretty similar tbh, although I am using an older version of pfSense so some of my options aren't as detailed (last time I tried updating it totally broke my DDNS, so I just stuck with v2.3.5).

    It's all up and running now anyway, I'd initially missed one of the settings. Thanks again.

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