Active voucher restore problem

  • hi all,
    i am running CP with pfsense 2.4.4-3 i have proble due crash some reason(hardware Failure) when i restore voucher with auto backup utility(built in) voucher timing starts from 1.. for example if voucher of 1440 minutes and it already consumed 500 minutes but after restore it start from minute 1...
    plz guide in this regard..

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    @ishtiaqaj hi,

    This is kind if anoying....sadly, there is no solution to your issue

    The only good news is that this kind of issue should be fixed in 2.5.0 (support for reboots has been strongly improved on the captive portal). You wont have this issue anymore when it will be released

  • @ishtiaqaj said in Active voucher restore problem:

    plz guide in this regard..

    See it as a feature.
    Normally, you'll have to compensate the down time introduced during the hardware failure.
    This is done by re-initing the used time of the activated vouchers.

    Btw : you could also consider backing up the files used to keep track of activated vouchers :
    You will find files like these

    in the /var/db/ folder.

    ( this is some what undocumented - and I never tried it out myself - as I'm quiet happy about the feature mentioned above as it is )

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