pfBlockerNG - why is Luxembourg IP in pfB_NAmerica_v4?

  • Last time I checked the US hasn't invaded Luxembourg, so imagine my surprise this morning when I got an email from fail2ban, running on my local server, stating was banned after trying to connect to services it should not.

    Calling whois reveals that ip is from Luxembourg.

    The thing is, I've got my pfSense firewall rules configured to only allow IP's found in pfB_NAmerica_v4 for certain services, which is suppossed to put a stop to anything outside the US from kocking on my door.

    Looking at the contents of pfB_NAmerica_v4.txt, sure enough, Luxembourg secretly became part of the US: <---- our culprit

    So pfSense and, by extension, pfBlocker are doing exactly what they were programmed to do, but how did this ip range get on the list in the first place?

    Looking at how fragmented the 104.244.74 block is, I am speculating this might be a typo or perhaps this is a recent change that has not been picked up.


  • The Maxmind database is, in the most charitable way possible, not accurate. IP's are horse traded between entities freely.

    You will need to whitelist what you need to, Maxmind isn't going to fix their free offering.

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    @knight-of-ni said in pfBlockerNG - why is Luxembourg IP in pfB_NAmerica_v4?:

    That is owned by frantech, and sure its a block used by VPS in the Luxembourg DC.. as stated by jwj already - geoip is not something I would call close to accurate ;) The problem is the company is US based, but they use parts of their IP space in different parts of the world..

  • Thanks guys. That is good to know. I had no idea geoip was such a moving target.

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    IP space moves all the time!! We have been selling off some our space, and its moved all over - transferred to ripe.. But yeah that for sure could still be listed that its out of the US, when its not..

    Also currently got a project running were we assigned some space that will be used in the US, but its being advertised out of a ripe ASN number, which could look like its out of the EU vs US, etc..

    Its moving target to be sure - and can never be sure if the database is even updated, or was ever correct ;)

  • Another example. The amazon store app on my (and other families iPhones and iPads) hits a AWS instance that is, according to MaxMind, in china. Go figure...

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    Well AWS does have 2 location in china - so its possible, wouldn't make a lot of routing sense unless your in that part of the world..

    Whats one of these IP they are talking too? Just curious..

    GeoIP is slick when it works ;) But when it doesn't your like WTF are these idiots thinking ;) We had a /24 in our space that geoip said was in Vietnam... Have no idea where they ever got that idea from, sure and the F never used it there, sure and the F were not advertising it out of there.. Tried for ever to get it fixed up, They say they update ever 2nd tuesday of the month or something.. We stopped using that space completely - use to be the IP used by proxy out of FL location.. So users hitting that IP would get stuff like they were in vietnam, banks would would prevent users from logging in, etc.. it was PITA ;)


    Amazon app works if that is blocked, but it will hit those every three or four days trying to update something.

  • Oh, we're not in Asia now. NC ATM. Used to live in Singapore.

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    Well its some 300ms away from me - so yeah could be in freaking China ;)

    Looking at a trace - yeah first one is in china for sure - you can see it hitting bjtelecom

    17     *      314 ms     * []
     18     *      303 ms   298 ms []

  • Thanks for having a think about it. I really should get rid of those outbound geoip blocks. Blunt force weapon that solves nothing useful for me. Maybe block something outbound that is more targeted. ET Comp or one of the firehol lists as a canary...

    Better end point security wouldn't hurt for me either. Need to not be so lazy ;)

    Thanks again!

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    You sure those are AWS? I can not find those prefixes in there published IP blocks

    I see ones close.. But not any that those IPs fall into exactly.. Maybe missing??? So for example I see a but I don't see anything that would cover 54.222.63

  • I think they are, could they be gstatic addresses? I do miss Pi-Hole, could answer the question in a second...

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    @jwj said in pfBlockerNG - why is Luxembourg IP in pfB_NAmerica_v4?:

    That is this
    Amazon EC2 BJS Prefix

    So its not actual AWS ;) points to it for example..

    Your not anywhere near china are you? Curious why you would be going there to be honest..

  • Wonder what it's after from that? Profile data? It's the problem with encrypting EVERYTHING. If it's not personally identifying why is it encrypted? Can't sniff to see what it is...

  • No, North Carolina. Used to live in the region. Hong Kong a long time ago, before there was Amazon. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia more recently. Singapore until 2016 most recently.

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    Just looked in my dns logs, and yeah my IPAD is looking that up...

    That 218 IP is 1833 IN A

  • Curious. Some jurisdictional thing? Maybe they have just F'd up their load balancing.

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    All comes down to how far you want to go down the tinfoil hat hole ;)

  • @johnpoz Come on now. This is a serious time, pandemic and all. There is no time for humor ☺

    I have no interest in chasing rabbits. :) Thanks man, be well!

  • @jwj said in pfBlockerNG - why is Luxembourg IP in pfB_NAmerica_v4?:

    You will need to whitelist what you need to, Maxmind isn't going to fix their free offering.

    Problem is, you can't mix them right? So for an alias-permit, there is no good solution to add some IPs to a geo-range or is there and if how? I guess you have to create your own URL-Alias somehow.

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    you can create your own and combine lists if you want.. i have this list for example


    has some geo regions and then list of aws ips that are used to check plex is up, this changes now and then.. And then a list from status cake that is used to test if services up, etc.

  • @johnpoz So If I want do add some IPs my own, how would I do that, create or copy a text file to pfsense and make a "URL" or can I add some host aliases my own?

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    Scroll down. You can do full custom.


    But sure you could use a file or url that loads the file..

  • @johnpoz Interesting, will try that. Thank you.

  • I had to "recreate" my geo-IP alias for that, because I was not able to combine the existing one with the custom IP. But it works!

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