I cannot configured pfsense

  • hi,

    i installed the pfsense 2.0.1 on a pc but i couldnt configure it.
    here is my configuration:
    my modem ip address/gateway :
    pfsense LAN nic ip address :
    pfsense WAN nic ip address :
    dns server :  use gateway : no
    I clicked the system > packages > available packages but "there is no access www.pfsense.com"
    im not using dhcp on pfsense. modem is distributing the ip address
    where i am wrong?


  • You are using the same subnet on WAN and LAN.

    Change your LAN subnet to and try again ;)

  • Thank you for your reply but I already tried it. It doesnt work
    I tried a lot of different configuration.
    When I change the LAN ip as different subnet, this time, I cannot connect the web interface.
    If I use the same sabnet I can connect the web interface via LAN ip
    I dont understand whats happening :(

  • Did you change your PC's IP address and subnet to match the new LAN subnet?

  • You must check a lot of basic settings

    • configure gateway

    • configure interfaces without using same network on LAN/WAN

    • configure dns

    • try to access configuration via LAN

    • check lan rules to see if you have rules allowing access to internet

    The best place to change your network settings is in front of console

  • When I read your IP addresses I suspect that you are putting your modem/router on the LAN? I guess your real internet access is via something other than an Ethernet cable, thus the need for a back-end modem/router (e.g. ADSL) between the pFsense device and your ISP. You need to have a subnet for the back-end link between your modem ( and your pFsense WAN port ( - that is Then your front-end LAN port has to be a different address and subnet (e.g. in subnet as marcelloc suggested. When you change the pFsense LAN address you also need to change the DHCP so that the pFsense DHCP service on the LAN gives your client/s addresses in the new LAN subnet.

    If you are having trouble changing the front-end LAN address and DHCP server settings at the same time you might need to first change the pFsense LAN address to, then manually give your client PC a new IP address in the new subnet (e.g. so you can get back to the pFsense GUI. Then you can change the DHCP settings from the GUI, then put your client PC back to use DHCP and you should get a working address.

  • thank you for your replay
    I think I got it.
    I'll try as soon as possible.
    I'm gonna write the result

  • here is my latest situation
    pfsense dhcp setting is off
    modem dhcp setting is on
    1. I connected the pfsense lan port to switch and pfsense wan port connected to modem
    2. My modem gateway ip address is
    3. My pfsense lan port ip address is
    4. My pfsense wan port ip address is
    5. My laptop ip address is
    6. My pfsense wan port gateway is default(
    7. My pfsense lan port gateway is off

    I can connect to pfsense web GUI via on lan port but I cannot connect to internet
    additionaly, my all network is down with this configuration

    where am I wrong?
    can anyone tell me what is right configuration?

    Thank you.

  • What dns servers are configures on pfsense and on notebook?

  • I did not setup any dns configuration on pfsense but my laptop use google dns (

  • I solved the problem.
    I changed the pfsense lan gateway address as
    it was "none"
    now, pfsense can connect the internet but i can not.
    I'm using the google dns server and pfsense lan ip address as my laptop's gateway

  • @Erkan:

    I changed the pfsense lan gateway address as

    leave it none and configure default gateway on system -> routing does not looks like a valid gateway

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    where would you have set that

    So here is example lan interface setting, see where its NONE for gateway on lan

    Are you trying to just route or are you double natting?

    What devices are you connected to has a address?  What is the make and model of your modem/router your connecting the pfsense wan interface too?

    Also you don't have your "modem" connected to this switch your lan port of your pfsense is connected too?

    Even with a double nat you should not have any issues if your actually connecting the correct interfaces to the correct things.

    modem/router –- wan (pfsense) lan --switch-- laptop/pc

    Pfsense wan should work on dhcp, and pfsense dhcp should handout to your laptop/pc connected to the lan side, when you setup pfsense have it use / 24 as its lan interface and then dhcp should hand out - 254 to your dhcp clients.

  • thank you everyone, I did it, but :) this time squid and squidguard services are stop immediately
    what it may be reason?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    huh?  How would squid and squidguard even be install on a system you were just setting up?

    Those are packages that you install and configure after you have a working system.

  • I referenced the some internet documents for setup
    I think I have to set it up step by step
    I will just install them and I'm not going to the setup for the see of services status

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What documents?? Squid and Squidguard are not part of initial setup of pfsense – how would you have even installed them if you did not have a working connecting from pfsense?  And yeah those if not correctly configured could break internet access for sure ;)  At least http access to sites, etc.

  • I used some internet squid and squidguard setup guides.
    I will restore default settings squid and squidguard after than I will check the both services.
    otherwise, I will remove both and download again. tomorrow ;)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    not sure I would suggest you follow any "internet" guides for squid and squidguard you find on a simple google.  I would really stick with docs from pfsense or pfsense forums for help with squid and squidguard on pfsense.

    They are not generic type installs on the pfsense platform, so generic guides could be off.


    Not sure it has been updated for 2.0 line, etc.

    I would highly suggest a get a working setup before you play with squid on pfsense.  Also in your #7 post you make no mention at all of any squid or squidguard being installed, nor any of your other posts.

  • fixed all.
    I formatted the pfsense and reinstall it and packages :)
    it's working properly except proxy report
    here is my log path: /var/squid/report
    when I try to get report I've got this error:

    LigthSquid diagnostic.
    Error : report folder '/var/lightsquid/report' not contain any valid data! Please run lightparser.pl (and check 'report' folder content)
    Please check config file !
    something wrong

  • lighsquid need some log from squid to work.

    go  to some websites and then try to update lightsquid again

  • I'm going to try this tomorrow.
    I!ll  write to result

    thank you

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